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The Video Advantage

Adding Video elements to a Music DJ's bag of tricks opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

Music Video Services

Exciting New Services only we can offer as a Music Video DJ!

1) Music & Video Display Services

Video Display Service Uses

  • Wedding Receptions: Favorite photos of the bride and groom growing up, meeting and falling in love can be displayed during the cocktail hour or just before dinner.
  • Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances: Vintage photos of them together can be shown while they're sharing their special dance.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Photos can be added to the music you've chosen for each person featured in the candle lighting ceremony.
  • Anniversary, Birthday Milestone, Class/Family Reunion: Your memories displayed "Front & Center" on our video screens will become that extra special moment from your event that you and your guests will always remember and cherish.
  • Sweet 16 Karaoke/Video Dance Party: Create your own photo slideshow documenting your daughters sixteen year life or hire us to create one for you and then display it on one of our large video screens during dinner. Then use our video screens to project our enormous collection of "Just Dance" videos for everyone to dance along with. Cap it off withBig Screen Karaoke and other fun activities like a hulla hoop contest or a limbo bar contest.
  • Dedications & other One Shots: Dedicate a song and display a photo of someone special... upcoming anniversary, birthday, thank yous, remembrance etc.
  • Video Themed Dance Parties - You choose the era (1940s - Present). We'll play only the music videos from that era. (We have over 100,000 to choose from.)
  • Video Dance Instruction - Learn the latest dance craze or emulate your favorite artists (ie: Michael Jackson) with instructional videos that can be slowed down during the initial learning phase.

2) Music Videos/Artist Performance Videos

Advantages of Music Videos over "just Music"

  • Dancers will still dance to the music but non-dancers will not only watch the dancers but additionally be entertained by watching their favorite artists on our video screens!
  • The music videos will intrigue and foster discussion between your guests. The novelty of 'seeing' the music video or the artist performance in songs your guests have heard hundreds of times before will add a new dimension to their enjoyment!
  • Music with video creates a more vivid connection to memories triggered by the musical influences of our past.
  • We have music videos or artist performance videos for most songs that music-only DJs play. If a video is not available, we will play the music-only version while our video screens resemble a 'video light show' as they display tastful video effects that pulse to the beat of the music.
  • Nowadays music and video are staples in our society. We all have phones and tablets that can record and play sound and video back to us on demand. Everywhere we go, our lives are bombarded by LCD displays and video capture cameras projecting and recording everything we see, hear and do. Today's millenials are one of the first generations to have never experienced music before MTV and the "music video" changed their relationship forever. Living in such a rich multimedia culture, it only makes sense that when you have an event that 'requires music', you don't limit yourself to just music. Instead, go ahead, open up and allow yourself to "Experience the Spectacle of Music and VideoTogether!"

3) Big Screen Karaoke & Sing-A-Longs

Advantages of Multi-Display Karaoke

  • Audience Facing Video Screens: Most of the time we bring two video screens; one for the singers to watch as they perform to the audience and a larger display for the audience to view. The audience will most definately enjoy watching the words as your guests perform. They also tend to sing along on popular songs or whenever the performer becomes challenged with remembering the melody of the song they've chosen. The impromtu sing alongs that can result are infectious and lots of fun!
  • Playing Music Videos in Between The Karaoke Performances: Let's face it... not everyone picks a fun song to sing and you don't want "downer" music defining the mood of your event. We always play uptempo music videos in between to keep the energy of the audience as high as possible. Besides, it gives everyone something to listen, dance and watch in between your guests taking turns singing.
  • Project and Support a "Party Atmosphere": You never know when people will get inspired to go out on the dance floor and start dancing. It could be during a truly inspired karaoke performance or during a popular music video being played in between. We are party atmosphere professionals and we will always strive to keep those "good time feelings" going by stringing the flow of karaoke performances and music videos in such a way that will keep dancers on the dance floor as much as possible.

VJ Earl has a question!

Is your perspective DJ willing to accomodate your input and your ideas?

Let's face it. Some performers have very large egos. They may be very good at what they do but not willing to change their "winning formula" to include some of the important details that will put your personal stamp on your event. Most people find this out too late. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS UP FRONT. There are many ways to design a successful event. Your DJ should be a "sounding board" who listens to your ideas and then makes suggestions based on "experience" and what he/she has seen and done for customers in the past. Then you should make the final decision.

VJ Earl's Moto

I will gladly accomodate your input and your ideas. My philosphy is the Burger King Motto. "We do it your way!"


VJ Earl is a full time Music Industry Professional

  • Undergraduate Education: Bachelors' Degree in Music Education/Performance from Berklee College of Music
  • Graduate Education: Masters' Degree in Music Technology from College of Saint Rose
  • Experience: DJ/Musician - 20+ years; Public School Choral Director - 20+ years; Audio/Video Recording Engineer - 20+ years
  • Master of Ceremony Speaking Experience: Weddings and Event Announcer - 20+ years
  • Other Experience: Earl's voice has appeared regionally on numerous jingles & radio/TV commercials; Earl worked regionally at several different radio stations writing commerials and creating promotions for several of his clients

    For Bookings Call (518)885-4945; or email:

Other Hosting Duties...

VJ Earl hosted several very successful Tween Idol, Teen Idol and Adult Karaoke Idol competitions over the past decade!

The Above Idol Contest ran for 6 consecutive Years under the tutelage of VJ Earl!